MultyTask Network Services


SMTP Protocol in Exchange locks up frequently

In testing with both Untangle and MS Forefront mail filtering we had numerous occurrences of queues freezing multiple times a day.  After reviewing our SMTP IIS logs we were able to see a pattern between the time the Spam Quarantine emails went out and the time the server would stop receiving new messages.  We weren’t sure whether the sheer volume of emails flooding the server at that time was causing the crash, or if it was the makeup of the actual email.  We fought this for months…  Resetting the InetInfo.exe service would force the email to retry and eventually deliver.

It wasn’t until this morning, when the queues wouldn’t recover, even after resetting the InetInfo.exe service, that I was able to solve the problem.  Fortunately it was happening so frequently that I was able to try a lot of different tests in a short amount of time and the queue was full of the MS Forefront Spam Quarantine emails.  After finally shutting off IMF (Intelligent Message Filtering) in Exchange, the emails flew through the queue and haven’t locked up since.