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Thermal compound

I cannot stress enough, the importance of thermal compound. This is a laptop that came in because of random reboots and because the fan was running too loud. Whoever serviced this machine previously, not only removed the thermal compound, but scraped it off with a screwdriver leaving microscopic valleys on the surface of both the CPU and the heatsink. The thermal properties of both these surfaces won't be the same unless they are lapped. NEVER do this! Clean with alcohol and non abrasive clothes, then always remember to re-apply a thin layer of thermal compound to fill in the metal imperfections. This will allow the heat from the CPU to transfer properly to the heatsink where it can be disappated.

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GoDaddy FTP account hacked…

Today my GoDaddy FTP account was compromised...  Called them up after changing my account password and FTP password.  Tech specialist was extremely helpful and let me know that because I'm hosting on a Linux environment, they have a new backup process in place that allows me to restore a snapshot of my server from the last 30 days.  I downloaded and archived all the hacked content (injected with all kinds of HTML links and redirects) which I will investigate further at a later date, then restored all the content back to normal.  This saved me HOURS worth of work and the possibility of never getting my server back to normal again.



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